Thank you for visiting our website and while you may not have heard of us until now, it is more than likely that you have seen some of our work! Brissco have been making quality bespoke signs and labels for a wide spectrum of businesses for over 70 years.

Incorporated in 1948 as the Bristol Typewriter Company an Office Equipment and Office Supplies business situated in the centre of Bristol, the business embarked upon a new opportunity in 1952 through an association with the 3M Company which enabled us to experiment in making signs with their self-adhesive materials.

After a decade of establishing our Sign Making business and developing the techniques of printing onto the specialist 3M materials the venture was given a boost when The Worboys Committee was formed by the British government in July 1963 to review signage on all British roads. This was in response to two articles published in 1961 by graphic designer Herbert Spencer, illustrating the shortcomings of non-motorway British road signs.

The implementation of the recommendations of the Warboys report demanded changing 1,600,000 existing traffic signs throughout the UK and presented Brissco with the opportunity to be recognised as a forerunner in the manufacture of self-adhesive and reflective road signs and labels.

This enterprising spirit has remained with us throughout our history and almost 70 years on we continue to manufacture quality, durable signage for our customers who include National Utilities, Aerospace, Local Authorities, Emergency Services, Transport, Manufacturing and The Construction Industries. Our experience and product knowledge have enabled us, not only to manufacture and supply, but also to help with research and development and stock management to create problem solving solutions for our customers.

Brissco operate to the ISO9001 Quality Management System; in May 2017, Leonardo Helicopters UK awarded us the Gold Award for their Supply Chain Management Incoming Quality System (IQS) Ship to Stock Program. It is our desire to “make excellence a habit” in all that we do, for our existing customers and future customers.


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