We work with OEM companies across a wide range of sectors including Industrial, Packaging, and Medical Equipment Manufacturers, providing them with quality bespoke labelling, optically clear machine guards, viewing panels, screens and safety doors for a variety of companies ranging from small start-ups to large international brands.

Our experience, technology, quality and support has helped to develop our business to satisfy diverse customer needs.

"Brissco is not a large company and that is the way we like it. It allows us to offer an open mind and a flexible approach, which we believe is the key to finding the most effective way of delivering results to our customers".

Mandy Freake - Commercial Director.


“I was thrilled to see my crude pencil sketch transformed into a smart graphic”

Maxine Russell

Wiltshire Council



Brissco – Helping the Environment


Never missing a photo opportunity


Trotec Speedy 400 Laser installation.

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